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Breathe new life into an old system

Fed up of waiting for your PC to load into Windows every morning? Are those click and wait 1 minute for it to load times becoming annoying? Windows prompting you to run a disk clean up? Trying to load a new software or game package and failing because you need more RAM? Having to store those important photo's on a portable USB drive because your computers hard disk is too full? Is your wireless signal poor or not reaching areas you want it to? Is your printer not printing fast enough? Then we can help.

loadingbarTired of waiting for systems to load?

frustrated user Our upgrade services range from replacing or adding hard disk drives, increasing memory capacity, upgrading graphics cards for new games, upgrading Microsoft Windows to updating Office to the latest version. We build PCs from scratch, so can upgrade anything. If your budget does not quite cover the cost of a new PC, then simply contact us and we will be happy help discuss your upgrade options.

We can supply branded systems or build to your specifications

We can also build PCs using your specification, we upgrade PCs to your specification, we build new PCs to any specification, whichever your requirement, we can help. Gamers use our upgrade services to upgrade their PCs, whether it be to make them quieter, run faster or have extra cooling power.

We can provide our PC upgrade services at our workshop in Feering or onsite at your home or business premises. We offer our PC upgrade services throughout Colchester, Clacton, Chelmsford Essex, Ipswich Suffolk and further afield throughout East Anglia and Outer London. Our rates are very competitive and we can at times offer our services outside of normal working hours. If you wish to use our PC upgrade service, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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