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Is your Google Adwords campaign not providing you with the return on investment that it should? You may simply need a professional set-up or audit of your existing campaign. 


Google Adwords help is just a click away!


High Rankings offers Google Adwords account set up, tune-ups, campaign audits and monthly management to improve your ROI.


Google Adwords Account Set-up


If you are just starting out with Adwords, High Rankings will create your account for you. 


Our Google Adwords account set-up and creation includes:

  • Creation of ad groups based on your business objectives
  • Copywriting of ads for each ad group
  • Targeted landing pages for each ad group
  • Definining your conversion goals
  • Ensuring proper tracking and measurement is in place.

High Rankings can also provide monthly management and maintenance of your campaigns once they are up and running.


Already have a Google Adwords Campaign and want to increase its ROI?


Our Google Adwords account tune-up or our Adwords campaign audit may be just the ticket.


The industry knowledge and experience we possess, enables us to identify problem areas you may not have noticed. Sometimes all it takes is a few tweaks to bring down the costs of your campaigns and bring up the level of clicks and conversions. And that's really what it's all about, right?


Adwords Campaign Audit


Our Adwords audit is for those of you who prefer to make changes yourself. A High Rankings Adwords professional will take an objective look at your campaigns and provide you with an eye-opening and detailed report of what you need to do to improve its performance and conversions.


Included in our Adwords campaign audit are recommendations on how to increase the effectiveness of the following Adwords elements:

  • Current campaign structure
  • Current ad groups structure
  • Keyword selection
  • Match types
  • Bidding and budgets
  • Ad and landing page content
  • Performance and results.

Adwords Account Tune-up 


With our adwords account tune-up, our Adwords professionals will roll up their sleeves and do the dirty work for you. We will review your account and campaigns and then optimize them for you, providing you with a positive ROI.


Monthly Google Adwords management is available, in addition to any of the paid search services described above.



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