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Over time you may find your server needs more resources

As your business expands and you employee additional staff members, you may notice your documents and programs take longer to load or the extreme amount of space you once had for all those documents and photos is now barely big enough to store a notepad document. This is an increasing problem for a huge number of companies we have visited and if these problems are not addressed in time, your smooth running server may suddenly require an upgrade.

Add additional resources to your existing investment

Granite Computers offer multiple upgrade services for servers, whether your server requires additional storage, an increase in memory or those once over looked redundant options such as an additional PSU is now something your business can't live without, we can help.

Experience with all the top brands

We offer our server upgrade services across Essex, Suffolk, in and around Colchester or Ipswich and the rest of East Anglia. We work with all major brands such as HP, DELL or custom builds and if it's an emergency, we can usually respond within just a few hours. If you're the type of business that cannot afford downtime or requires a specialist to look after your I.T. investment so you don't have to, then visit our support & maintenance contract options for further information.



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