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IT Security Polices

You may think your business is not large enough to have an I.T. security policy, but even if your business only employs 1-2 staff, you should have one in place.

Protect you systems

What stops your employees from copying your company data to a memory stick? Can they install any program or games on their system? Are they aware that they cannot surf the internet for personal reasons during work hours? Do they use their PCs during lunch breaks to surf websites out of your control potentially downloading viruses, trojans or malware?

£495 + VAT

Have your employees signed any disclaimers stating they will not copy or e-mail your private data to other locations for use in the future, or even worse to take your clients? Are you regulated by the FSA? Do you have regular audits?

If you have no I.T security policies in place for your staff, contractors or your visitors, and the above examples have given you worries, you should act pronto.

We can provide bespoke I.T. security policies to suit your I.T. infrastructure and other procedures (if any) are already in place.

Typical examples of what we can provide are:
  • Network security polices
  • Outsourcing polices
  • Password polices
  • Physical security polices
  • Remote access polices
  • Retention polices
  • Third party connection polices
  • VPN polices
  • Wireless access polices
  • Acceptable use polices
  • Backup polices
  • Data classification polices
  • E-mail polices
  • Encryption polices
  • Guest access polices
  • Incident response polices
  • Mobile device polices

Whether you require all of the above or simply a small selection, we can help. Our vast I.T. experience enables us to work closely with you to ensure you are covered for any audit requirement. Should your business be operating from a single office, home office, or multi-site setup, be based in and around Colchester or Chelmsford Essex, Ipswich Suffolk and the surrounding areas or throughout East Anglia, we can help.

Contact one of our technicians who specialise in security audits today and we will be happy to help you. We offer very competitive rates and are up front with all our fee's from day one.



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