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Hard drives don't last forever

With technology today, hard drives are built to last and can last for a great number of years. However, even with the advances in this technology hard drives still rely on rotating platters on a motor-driven spindle and rely on mechanical parts. This can make the drives susceptible to failures and can lead to the drive being completely inaccessible.

At this stage, software recovery is no longer an option.  We have successfully recovered data from a large amount hard of

We have successfully recovered data from a large amount of hard disk drives

disk drives that have experienced what we call hardware failures, this can usually be identified if the drive will not spin up, or if you hear a clunking noise when it is first powered on. Even if the drive is still functional, clunking noises could mean your drive is about to fail.

We provide hard disk drive data recovery services for any drives including SSDs, 3.5" or 2.5" with IDE/SCSI/SATA/SAS interfaces and have a 99% success rate. Just the same as our software recovery, we operate on a fixed fee basis and can even recover data from a failed drive on an emergency 24hr turnaround.

Contact us to see if we can help, we can work quickly if your data is of immediate importance; our knowledgeable engineers are available to discuss anything technical from recovering RAID arrays to SAN/NAS solutions.

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