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We are all used to turning on our Servers, PCs or Laptops and having access to all our data within a click of a button, but what would you do if one day a disaster struck. Your device blue screens, you receive a message saying insert boot disk, you suddenly think you have lost your important files & folders? Well 99% of the time you could be wrong.

We have seen it all, children throwing a temper, laptops flying across  rooms and down the stairs or you may have simply had a power outage or turned your device off without correctly shutting it down. Whatever the cause, don't panic, we can help.

Recovering deleted files

We have sophisticated recovery solution's that let us recover data from a wide range of damaged storage devices, if you have a server and it has never been protected by a maintenance or support contract, then it's possible that you may not have a UPS to protect you in the event of a power cut.

You could have a RAID array where more than one of the redundant drives have failed. This could lead to the loss of various data including e-mail or SQL databases and if this happens during the day, your business could experience unacceptable downtime.

All is not lost

Partition corruptions can also occur on a PC, Laptop or even external hard disk drives or USB memory sticks. Whichever is your dilemma, contact us and we are be happy to help. We can not only retrieve your data, but help prevent the same situation happening in the future.

With the exception of servers, our data recovery services can only usually be performed in our workshop. Our fee's are very competitive and for the majority of recovery jobs, we operate on a fixed fee basis.

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In order to protect you data from accidental deletion or possible corruptions its highly advisable to make regular backups of you important and irreplaceable data.


Whilst it is possbile to recovery lost of corrupted data, if the drive suffers a mechanical failure it will need specialist equipment and a clean room environment.



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