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We have contracts to suit your business requirements

Looking for a fixed fee monthly I.T. support maintenance plan from a local company you can trust? With unlimited support usage and priority response service? Well, we can certainly help.

Fed up of surprise invoices from your I.T. company for hours and hours of never ending labour? Could reading binary code make more sense than what you've been invoiced for? Fed up of paying huge invoices when things go wrong? Well, here at Granite Computer Solutions, we like to provide our clients with what we class as "Confidence in I.T.". In plain english, we have so much confidence in our skills, services and chosen hardware vendors, we can look after all your I.T. equipment for one fixed fee per month.

This will hopefully give you peace of mind that in the event of any problem, you will never have any surprise charges to resolve them. Although, we have years of experience trouble shooting and fault finding software & hardware problems, we also know that if an I.T. infrastructure is setup correctly in the first place, managed and monitored daily, then it is unlikely to ever fail.

Flexible support packages

We have tailed support contract packages to suit any business, we provide complete support packages for Small Business Servers, Standard Windows Servers, all the Antivirus & Backup vendors that you can think of and most other 3rd party software too. We monitor your server every minute of the day for any hardware or software faults, apply any hot fixes out of hours, install windows updates,
we can help and repair it within a priority time period
install driver updates, monitor connectivity & uptime's, monitor backup logs, monitor antivirus logs and monitor security authentication failures indicating possible hackers trying to access your systems. Should any faults occur hardware or software related, it is covered. If you take out one of our support packages, we see it as our responsibility to fix or repair any faults to ensure your server and network infrastructure remains online around the clock.

Looking for PC, Laptop or workstation support as well?

We offer fixed fee unlimited support time packages for those too. We offer several different levels of support from remote & telephone support right up to full onsite support with parts cover. This again should give you peace of mind that in the event of any problem you may have with your workstation, whether it be a simple problem with outlook, your box making a whirring noise when you turn it on, or heaven forbid, has smoke coming out of the back, whichever the problem, we can help and repair it within a priority time period without you paying any extra fees.

Why choose Granite Computer Solutions?

We provide free onsite surveys to discuss your requirements, we can attend your premises for as long as you need us. We will only provide you with a technical minded representative as we know 99% of the time you are likely to be calling us to discuss your I.T. requirements in detail. We will not come to you with any intention of selling you anything you do not need and much prefer to sit down, discuss any issues or problems you currently have, inspect the problems occurring and try help solve them by recommending the best cost effective route there is. We are always honest and open with our opinions both good and bad and always have our clients best interests at heart.

We provide our support contract services throughout Colchester, Clacton, Chelmsford Essex, Ipswich Suffolk and further a field throughout East Anglia and Outer London. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss your requirements, we have many testimonials from clients who we have looked after for over 10 years and would be happy give any examples anytime.


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